Mandatory Composition Labels

On everything we eat and drink? This is a very real possibility in the near future. Today I was reading this article in Fortune Small Business about the push to add nutritional labeling to restaurant menus. This resonated with me because of the push to get the TTB to mandate “nutritional” labeling on alcoholic beverages […]

Nutritional Labeling And Wine — 2010

A couple of days ago Marion Nestle wrote about “Alcohol nutritional labeling a regulatory maze” in the SF Chronicle. First she sets up the straw man: “Q: I like to read nutritional information on the foods and beverages I consume. Why is there no such information on alcoholic beverages?” (I mean, honestly, do you really […]

Water To Wine

Wednesday 2/17 the Santa Rosa Press Democrat published a column by Dan Berger titled “What’s really in that wine bottle?” (Thanks to Tyler Thomas at Pax — or is it Donelan now? — for the heads-up about the article via Twitter.) Anyway, the question Dan brings up is one of fraud, starting with the scandal […]