Free Tasting Taking a quick break from harvest (HARVEST!!!) to get a little rant off my chest.

Dear “Industry”:

Please don’t come into my tasting room, flash some sort of business card, announce that you are “in the industry” and demand a free tasting for you and your friends.

Not gonna happen.

We don’t give free tastings to anyone anymore, except to our Wine Club members. Our production is tiny. We pour over 25% of our inventory in the tasting room – think about that.

I appreciate that the winery where you have worked for all of two weeks gives free tastings to “industry.” I imagine that the fraction of that winery’s hundred-thousand-case-plus annual production that gets poured off in the tasting room is on the order of a rounding error. Just because some wineries do pour free to “industry” does not mean that you should expect that every one will.

And hey, take your shitty attitude with you when you leave. I will have forgotten about you in a few days, and don’t expect we will cross paths again.

We won’t hesitate to keep referring our guests to the tasting room at the winery where you currently work, because I have known the owner there for decades and he’s a great guy making great wines, and lord knows I have also made hiring mistakes in the past.

Sincerely, and with all due respect,
The owner, winemaker, and dictator of free tasting policy.