Vineyard Update: Canopy Control

HVS Pinot block, June 29, 2012The crews have been working for the last week hedging and making our first pass of lateral removal and leaf thinning. Ordinarily I don’t ask for much leaf removal in the fruit zone but Jean-Marie and I think this year it might be a good idea, given the amount of crop out there. We plan to delay crop thinning until after veraison and need to get make sure we get good penetration of our early prophylactic spray for Botrytis. There will be lots more canopy work as the season progresses.

We have had surprisingly mild weather: while the east of the country swelters, the mid- to high-80s we have experienced for the last 10 days are forecast to persist for the next 10 days. Pinot Noir 943, June 29, 2012

2 thoughts on “Vineyard Update: Canopy Control

    1. John M. Kelly Post author

      To the degree that heavy foliage and cluster overlap inhibits the penetration of sprays, yes, a thick canopy contributes the development of Botrytis. That’s the reason we are pulling leaves in the fruit zone.

      The primary reason we are hedging and removing laterals is to decrease the total leaf count; the goal is to bring the active leaf area into balance with the crop load so that sugar does not accumulate too rapidly after veraison.


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