Necessary Pre-Harvest Shopping

Macro Plastics macro-bin (front) & T-bin My industry friends will recognize these! The other day my vineyard manager asked “so are you going to buy more Macros for harvest?” Yes. Yes, I am. And more T-bins, too. I find it a little amazing that I have been doing this long enough that the price of a Macro-bin has more than doubled from back in the day.

Out every other morning, wandering the vineyard counting clusters and guessing at what the weights are going to be—I have no doubt in my mind that I am looking at my largest harvest yet off the Estate vineyard. Partly it is that I have 7 acres of young vines coming into production. But mostly it is that I’m seeing the best set of fruit I have ever seen at this property. I need more picking and fermenting capacity.

I’m also in the middle of managing construction in our production space: new water, power, and drains. Need to get this work done before the bottling truck gets here, and bottling needs to get done before I start picking any grapes. Since my last post was about the start of veraison, I’ve got about two months to get ready.

And this year I will be ready.

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