The Heavy Lifting

A few posts back I took Leah Hennessy to task for (what I read as her) lumping all wineries’ range of marketing efforts together with the stale lamestream approach of some players in the industry. Yesterday, The Millennier penned another tough love letter to the industry, and got it right (in my opinion).

The message? That the same old copy, stock photos, and ad layouts in old-school publications doesn’t cut it as effective marketing today. She cautions these players that the landscape has changed. Leah says: “Look at other industries. Get inspired. Take a risk.”

In my case (and that of many of my compatriots) she’s preaching to the choir. In the case of many of the players she is targeting with her message–well, I believe they are so risk-averse that they will never change–never get it. Fine with me. I call that an opportunity.

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