Surprise, Surprise!

yellowing in Syrah 877I was surprised to see so much yellowing in the Syrah when I checked the vineyard Monday – in the shot above you can see a clear line between the Syrah 877 to left of center and the greener Counoise and Grenache to the right. This change happened since Saturday. We aren’t out of water; the berries are plump and the leaves aren’t dropping. It is just Fall.

Everything I sampled Monday had jumped between 1.8° and 2.5° Brix from a week ago. Forecast is calling for as much as an inch of rain Friday night. I’m bringing in the Pinot Noir Friday morning – could not get the pickers even a day sooner.

The seeds in the Pinot are ready. The flavors are ripe and the pulp is pulling away from the seeds. But the skins are still slow to give up their color.

I prefer not to use enzymes on Pinot Noir. But if there ever was a vintage where a cellulase/hemicellulase preparation added during pre-fermentation maceration would help, this is it.

I’m also bringing in the Tannat on Friday.

The weather is supposed to dry and warm quickly after the rain. We will start into the Syrah next week.

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